Designing in-house projects

We love working with clients but there are times when we develop our own projects to deliver exceptional Customer experiences in industry sectors that either should, but don't, deliver the experience that we would want. 

Four Continents work to a basic precept.....


'Think of yourself as a Customer'


These six words are encapsulated into everything we do and in all our work we are continually advocating on behalf of the Customers. To this end and to deliver (or drive forward) genuinely great Customer experience we have a number of services that we run in-house.




GUESTX.... our Guest Experience Evaluation service to provide the hotel sector with detailed review services to help identify and improve the Guest Experience


alarm|SIM CARD.... our Internet of Things (IOT) sim service designed to give alarm end user and installers a single point connectivity service


....provides an eCommerce platform for one of the UK's leading vehicle security manufacturers including full spares catalogue and support



.... is our global sourcing, product development and support service to the security industry