There is an old adage:

'Ask a consultant the time and they'll ask for your watch and tell you'



We are well aware of this view of consultants and we do things very differently so all our consulting services start with one question .....


What does it feel like to be a Customer ?


Not just the end Customer but also internal Customers involved in the experience, and we don't ask you for the answers, we find them ourselves.

We get our hands dirty, quite literally, to understand the issues in the smallest of detail so we truly appreciate the task ahead. For example, when we were asked to develop a hotel cleaning programme, we spent time cleaning hotel rooms, living in hotel rooms and talking to staff to understand all the issues before we even put pen to paper in formulating rigorous processes that delivered greater Guest satisfaction whilst enhanced the cost per clean per room.

Our team have the skills, passion and desire to work with clients across a range of sectors where rigour and attention to detail is paramount.

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